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100% Merinowolle Bäume pflanzen mit Elwin Shoes  Hilf jetzt um 400 Bäume zu pflanzen!

Why elwin slippers are an everyday essential for the summer.

With hot days ahead, you must be searching for a pair of shoes to fulfill all your needs, such as proper breathability and comfort, while requiring little styling effort. If you love soft merino slippers and want to bring the coziness of your home outside, elwin’s slippers have everything you need in only one box. Not to mention that they present a fresh and modern allure on a natural, yet high-quality fabric, that promises to outlast the season by blending a clean design with unique feelings of comfort and support. Read more to know everything about our slipper collection!


Say yes to leaving the sweaty feet club: 

When you are choosing a pair of shoes for warm weather, the material they are made of is the key element. As you know, all of our shoes are made in an eco-friendly manner, with merino wool, obtained without leaving room for animal cruelty. The raw, biodegradable and renewable material is endowed with incredible properties and technologies, that will make your feet feel spoiled. 

The merino sheep wool is a practical and cozy material, suitable for every season and thus, you don’t have to worry about the weather conditions. Although this type of wool brings extra-warmth in colder days, as it is a breathable material and has thermoregulation, it also quickly transports sweat away from the skin, keeping your feet cool and dry when the temperatures are high.  

The merino wool’s antibacterial effect fights against foot odor, letting your feet breathe, while the soft sole and footbeds offer you the best comfort possible.  

Moreover, the ultra-smooth texture of this type of wool means you can step in elwin’s slippers barefoot, to take the ultimate comfort experience to the next level. Their supple and flexible silhouette also make it easier for you to take them off or put them back on, so you can be ready to go in just a few seconds. 

Now that we’ve have chatted a bit about their functions, here are some of our recommendations to make this summer your most stylish and eco-friendly one yet.  

Classic and timeless slipper styles for him and her: 

No matter how much time passes, shades like black, grey or dark blue will never run out of style. Therefore, elwin is here for you with some variants that guarantee to provide comfort like never before. The fail-safe colours are now part of a clean and refreshed design, that will transcend the seasons. 

Nothing is better than having an extremely versatile pair of summer shoes, that will go with almost everything in your closet. In this case, Merlin Slippers in Black for men are our all-time favourite. Balance ease and style by opting for clean lines on an ultra-soft fabric, that will bring an outstanding feel of breathability. Slip this pair on easily without socks and you are ready to go out even in the hottest days of summer. 

Grey Merlin Slippers for men and for women couldn’t be easier to wear and match, so you can’t have too many pairs. Set on a lightly cushioned sole that ensures stability, their practicability makes them ideal for everyday use. Once again, the merino wool is responsible for offering the comfort you and your feet deserve, through super-soft cushioning.  

In order to look put together, you can’t go wrong by adding a subtle touch of colour with dark blue slippers. Here to protect your feet from smelly odors, these Merlins have 100% sustainable merino wool uppers and lining, fixed on an EVA outsole, developed to work with your natural movements with every step you take. A classic style and colour fits everyone, so this pair should definitely be included in your summer wishlist. 

Ladies, you will be happy to hear that there is an extra option that won’t disappoint you: elwin Merlin Slippers in Beige. The light-toned material is finished off with a cooling effect due to an optimal level of moisture reduction that will take sweat away from your feet. Think about how cool this pair with look with a relaxed fit, maybe a voluminous dress with prints in the same shade range, that moves as it catches the breeze. 

Wear the rainbow: 

Are you ready to embrace the craziness for bold colours this summer with elwin? If you want to elevate a plain and neutral outfit, our slippers come in a wide range of colours, as well as with the highest standard of comfort. Even if you don’t like to wear such bright shades on a daily basis, you might want to step out of your comfort zone with Merlin Slippers in vibrant tones. 

Summer is all about confidence, therefore, choose these elwin women's red slippers to bring life to a monochromatic look. Pair them with black or something neutral to keep the focus on the soft slippers and you will achieve a simple, yet attractive look.  

Merlin Slippers in orange will complete your sun-kissed look, while your feet enjoy extra-soft footbeds and ultimate support. The merino wool allows air to circulate, keeping you dry even during long-walks under the scorching summer sun.  

Compliment every look by adding a finishing touch that emphasizes your feminine energy with elwin merino wool Merlin Pink Slippers. As the beautiful shade of pink makes this pair a statement piece in your wardrobe, the relaxed fit will bring easiness and comfort to your everyday activities.  

If these vibrant colours might be too much for your taste, you can still choose the classic slippers in timeless and versatile shades that will look amazing with almost everything. If you want to dive more into our options, browse elwin’s slipper collection for women and for men, and always remember that elwin has a pair for every taste and style. So are you ready for the summer? If don’t own a pair of our soft slippers yet, I am afraid not. Get yours now! 

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