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Valentine's Day 2022: List of romantic outdoors plans, and eco-friendly presents.

If you want to surprise your partner on Valentine's Day, here is a guide to help you out a little bit with the plans and the gifts.

Sharing experiences can be the best way to spend Valentine's Day together. Beyond showing love with gifts but also being able to enjoy the material presents together as a couple. Leave the flowers for another time, and do something more original with elwin shoes.

1) Valentine's Day games for couples:

Find a good Go Kart in your city. It's always good to test our competitive skills with the one we love, it's fun, and you will treasure many memories.

Another fun option to celebrate Valentine's Day is to go for a paintball session or share a few beers while bowling.

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2) Valentine's Day outdoor activities:

Planning a date away from home, outdoors to connect with your partner, can be just as romantic as a dinner in an expensive hotel. This time organize a picnic in a park or near a river. You can get a cute basket online and fill it with your partner's favorite treats. Don't forget to add a good wine, and a card game just as a backup plan. Could be that the conversation doesn't flow that much, and some people (including me) don't like silence.

Couples who hike together stay together. Find a place near your house where you can go hiking, it doesn't have to be very difficult, but a tour with a beautiful view can be very romantic. These activities can be useful if you have the feeling that work or daily tasks are leading you to a "routine". Usually, when we disconnect, our most intimate feelings can come to light.

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If you are looking for options to do something romantic but more intimate, then Valentine's Day at home may be a plan for you.

Romantic breakfast in bed and staying up late in your pajamas, looking for a documentary about something that doesn't seem relevant to you, or simply listening to Valentine's Day music can transform a simple breakfast into a romantic date. Add some Valentine's Day chocolate box, and Tada!

In the opposite case, a surprise dinner always makes anyone happy and is one more way to show the love we have for our special one. If you find it difficult to plan or forget important dates, a good last-minute Valentine's Day idea is to look for a company that makes Valentine's Day gift boxes. They can save you from a big hurry and improve your surprise plan at home.

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Experiences aside, I think we all like little surprises. Here we share some alternatives to make your gifts more sustainable and some eco-friendly gift ideas for this Valentine's Day.

1. Reusable bags for food. If your partner likes to make meal-prep or take many snacks, there are some bags with very original designs and it is a versatile gift.

2. Shoes that plant trees: give elwin shoes, shoes made consciously, made of biodegradable materials, and soft as the first kiss.

3. Compost Bin makes compost in your home easy and more organized.

4. Stainless Steel Straws will show interest in the other's concerns and personal values.

5. A book or online course on something your partner is into can show your interest in what your partner is passionate about.

Valentine's Day is full of love and passion, we are happy to be part of yours, and we hope you enjoy any of the experiences that we have detailed in this blog post with your elwin shoes favorites.

Happy Valentines!

elwin the sheep.

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