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100% Merinowolle Bäume pflanzen mit Elwin Shoes  Hilf jetzt um 400 Bäume zu pflanzen!

How to choose your next comfortable merino shoes.

Join us in our journey for a better future and get the quality and comfort you deserve! To help you choose the right pair, elwin is taking the quality of our comfortable merino shoes to the next level. In this way, our shoes provide the best combination: you will impress through the simple yet unique design that compliments any outfit and you will also play an important role in our mission for a better planet. What could be better than that?  



Out on a walk, a casual night out or in the office? elwin has the right shoes for you. 

Imagine how amazing would it be if there was a sneaker for every occasion. You don’t have to worry about this because elwin offers you various options of shoes for you to master the key areas in your life. It does not matter if you work in an office, you are at home or out for a walk enjoying nature, elwin has got your back!  

To make it easier for you to choose the right pair of shoes that will suit the look you desire, let me tell you a little bit about our environmentally friendly designs, which will bring outstanding comfort in your everyday life.  

If you are a fan of exploring or you just like long walks in nature, our Karma sneaker is the ideal option for you! Ready to protect your feet regardless of the weather due to regulated temperature, this pair of comfortable merino shoes has a 100% eco-friendly lining, fixed on an outsole made of EVA for optimal support and increased flexibility. These shoes for long walks have an extremely versatile style, presenting more light toned colours for women and dark shades for men. Wear this pair without socks and dare to feel free during every walk you take.  

Elevate your wardrobe even when the weather is moody with these Nea boots for women, which are manufactered in a fashionable manner, with water repellent merino wool, developed to keep you warm and cosy. Since this pair is cushioned with warm lining, you will choose it not only for the comfort provided, but also for its versatility, and for the fact that it will successfully complete a cool appearance, whether in the office or matched with a casual look. 

For the hotter days, Nea ladies Boots are updated to Nea Easy-Lace Shoes, suitable for a city attire, whether you are having brunch or enjoying your free time after work. The process of taking them off or putting them on again is now faster thanks to easy lacing, so you can be ready to go in a few seconds. Showing off a clean design, this pair features a super soft material and removable insoles, which are likely to impress you with the comfort and support they provide.  

Staying at home will feel great everytime you wear Merlin Slippers from elwin. Designed with optimal breathability through the 100% merino wool, these shoes present pull-up tabs for efortless on and off. These natural shoes are so warm and cosy that you won’t want to take them off at all. Enjoy your chill night in and experience comfort and easiness like never before at home with elwin.  

When it comes to a more authentic attire, elwin Sense Sneakers for men are the best way to update your smart-casual garments by offering you a note of elegance that will make you look put together. Crafted with a water-repellent and super soft material, these comfortable office shoes have a light silhouette and are padded with removable insoles, which let you step in barefoot and feel free during all day wear. 

Overall, it does not matter which elwin shoes you choose, because all of them are defined by the same characteristics: high quality, eco-friendliness, superior comfort and softness, all included in a clean design that will suit any taste and outfit.  


What makes elwin’s merino wool shoes special? 

Our goal will always be to manufacture soft and breatheable shoes that will keep your feet soothed and comfortable while encouraging our commitment to nature. For our minimalist design we use an eco-friendly material – merino wool – known for its technical properties such as: 

  • Natural and biodegradable source – the wool comes from merino sheep and is a renewable raw material 

  • Water-repellent material – which makes elwin shoes perfect for any season 

  • Thermoregulation – to keep you cool and dry, assuring extra warmth during the cold season 

  • Odourless and antibacterial  

Why you should pick our eco-friendly shoes 

As an evironmental friendly footwear brand, we take great care of our living being suppliers, without leaving any room for animal cruelty, as we carefully choose farms which ensure a high standard of animal welfare. As mentioned previously, this mulesing free wool has many practical features, crafted in a special manner especially for you.  

Futhermore, we believe the environmental problem can be held under control only through human intervention, therefore when you buy a pair of organic shoes or subscribe to our newsletter, you directly contribute to our reforestation program, happening at the moment in Portugal. Only together we can do more against climate change!  

Moving on from their functions, let’s talk a bit about specific characteristics that will make you believe that you will never have too many pairs of elwins. 

As you know, elwin is based on a simple goal: to provide the most comfortable and high quality shoes in the most eco-friendly way possible, and for that reason the basis of each model is related to essential features ensured by the 100% certified merino wool, best known for its property of maintaining heat and ensuring breathability at the same time. Natural, featherlike and extremely soft – are the words which best describe our comfortable merino shoes.  


If you are still not convinced why elwin shoes should be your next pair, do not hesitate to check out our entire collection of merino shoes for men and for women, and we guarantee you will find your favourite pair. Let us take care of the quality and comfort, while you and your feet enjoy unique feelings. Get yours now!  

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