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Earth day 2022: what can we do to help our environment.

If you are interested in knowing why there is an Earth Day every year, knowing more about sustainable issues, and want to lead an eco-friendly life, you've come to the right place. 


To start, if you don't know when earth day is, it is celebrated every year on April 22nd. Many people take on various sustainable initiatives on this day. At elwin shoes we decided to make it an earth week and double the number of trees planted to reach our first goal of 400 trees in a month. You can plant two trees just by subscribing to our newsletter.  


What is the history of earth day 

It all started in the United States in 1970 after a massive oil spill in California. From there on, protests and awareness about environmental issues, specifically ocean pollution, began. A group of students organized themselves and chose April 22nd as it was a weekday between spring break and final exams, this way they could gather more people. That is how Earth Day was born, and we still commemorate it today. 


What is the Earth day 2022 motto and what are the actions you can take to support the planet?  

Every year, a new motto is chosen.  For earth day 2022 the theme is "invest in our planet". The goal is to engage one million people, between businesses, governments, and entrepreneurs, so if you are looking to be one within of the million people that will help the environment, follow these tips on how to invest in our planet.  


Earth day actions:  

Planting trees for environmental protection: one of the easiest ways to do this is to subscribe to our newsletter or get any pair of elwin eco-shoes from the earth day collection. We plant two trees for each pair sold and each new subscriber, so with a few clicks you can plant four trees! 

If you are wondering why trees are important for the environment, you need to know that forests can help not only as carbon sinks, but they are also a habitat for many species, control the environmental temperature and stabilize the soil, preventing erosion and protecting it from possible natural disasters. If you want to help, shop elwin eco-shoes and plant two trees in Portugal. Plant trees here!


Sign up for volunteering: Nowadays you can find many types of volunteer work that you can participate in all over the world. You can sign up to help restore degraded areas, or conserve natural environments.  


Donate to an organization: If you think you don't have much time either because of work, family or studies, donate to organizations that are purely in charge of protecting the planet. You can raise money through your social networks, make a group on WhatsApp to develop an action plan and donate together to an ocean cleanup.  


Separate your organic waste: Collect all your organic waste such as fruit peels, eggshells, and vegetable scraps and if your city doesn't collect organic waste, you can start a compost at home. The perfect fertilizer for the soil! 


Organize a green day in your office: If your workplace has not adopted an activity for Earth Day, you can suggest certain actions such as not driving to the office and using a bicycle or public transport. You can organize a short workshop with a specialist in sustainable matters. It will promote a good work environment and a sense of commitment.  


Encourage and raise awareness among your friends and family:  

Word of mouth is a very important tool in communication. People enjoy sharing good actions on social media that generate a good personal image. Invite your friends to share their green moments on social media! 


We only have one earth, and it’s time to take action. If one person makes drastic changes in their life, it doesn't help as much as if a million people make small and medium changes in their routines. This is everyone's job, so let’s come together and plant trees with elwin eco-shoes.

Happy Earth Day!

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