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Best environmental documentaries to watch on Netflix

Nowadays we are constantly surrounded by information, between social media, news, digital platforms, and other sources. Many times this excess of information overwhelms us, that's why in this article we want to show you that there are also ways to enjoy knowledge. If you don't have other plans this weekend, go prepare your popcorn, we have a list of environmental documentaries on Netflix for you to enjoy. 

These documentaries help us to go beyond and learn about the challenges that the earth and humanity are facing.  

*If any of these documentaries are not available on your country, you can always rent them on YouTube 

If you sometimes feel demotivated or lack inspiration, you can start with I am Greta: This eye opening documentary about Greta Thunberg invites us to consider our capacity for change, that every contribution we can make is going to mean something if we organize together. An inspiring and motivating story. Watch the trailer here.

A documentary about nature to fall in love with our planet earth, Our planet, which is now available on Netflix, will fill you with emotions. Featuring never-before-seen footage, you will be surprised to learn how sensitive our ecosystems are. Audiences have given it a 4.8 out of 5 on google. Watch the trailer here.

Information from the expert's point of view. The documentary David Attenborough: A life on our planet tells us his extraordinary story at 90+ years of age on this planet. A nature documentary full of beautiful stories and incredible experiences, but it also helps to put ourselves on alert mode about the changes we must make to avoid facing a catastrophe. Watch the trailer here.

How can we forget one of the most important ecosystems for the on planet earth: the corals. The coral reef documentary called Chasing Coral, which also won a climate change documentaries award, teaches us that if we don't give them the care they need, both the ocean and humans are facing a great risk. Watch the trailer here.

Looking at one of the most important issues of the moment, another good environmental documentary is Rotten, which focuses on problems linked to the food supply chain. Learn about food waste and corruption so you can make more ethical decisions about your food’s journey from the supermarket to your plate. Watch the trailer here. 

These nature documentaries teach us many things and can inspire us. We invite you to do something good every day: start with driving less and instead ride your bicycle more.  Use less plastic and choose more natural products: we are not perfect, but we can be better. If you don't know where to start, we recommend you read our favorite blog post about the 3Rs 

We hope this list will help you to acquire new knowledge. At elwin we care about doing something good for our immense home, and we will continue improving. Subscribe to our newsletter to plant a tree and collaborate with our reforestation program. Together we can make a change! 

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