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Best elwin outdoor shoes for spring outdoor activities

With the arrival of spring, the warmer days are approaching. This means that the outdoor activities season has just begun. It's normal that when the warm weather is just around the corner, it's hard to change the season mindset, put away the winter clothes and decide to do outdoor activities. 
In this article, we help you decide which outdoor activities suit you, and the best outdoor shoes for each occasion. 

For those looking to get out of their comfort zone:  

If you plan to have a different kind of vacation this year, camping and backpacking is the best way to enjoy nature, and the outdoors, and connect with ourselves.  Whether you have a family or a group of friends, it is always a unique experience.  

It is important to have quality items to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. Having extremely light shoes for men like the elwin sense merino wool sneakers is ideal because after long hikes and activities they will give you the comfort you need. Try walking on clouds with these men's light summer sneakers!


Going for a walk:  

One of the best and accesible outdoor activity is going for a walk. It helps reduce stress and acts as a cardiovascular exercise. Look for clear areas in your city such as parks or lakes where you can have a good time without interruptions. If you feel that walking is boring, then you can listen to a podcast that catches your attention, they make minutes fly by! If you choose to start walking this spring-summer season then the ideal shoes are light summer sneakers for women like the elwin merino wool Karma sneakers. 


Weekend in the mountains:  

Some people enjoy the cooler weather more during the summer days, so  a getaway  in the mountains can be an alternative. Get away from the city and enjoy the scenery. Go hiking and if it is your first time you can look for a hiking route that is easier for you like a hill. For this type of activity, breathable hiking shoes like the elwin Nea merino boots are the best option. With their self-regulating temperature technology, they can keep you cool during the day and warm at night when temperatures drop in the mountains.  


Rides on wheels:  

You probably have a bike sitting somewhere forgotten in the back of your garage, and with the arrival of this warm weather, it's time to dust it off, put some air in the tyres and get out and  start bike riding. For this, you need to have comfortable yet casual shoes in case you decide to stop and have a coffee.  


For the outdoors haters:  

Okay, I get it. Not all of us are summer fans, some get annoyed with the heat, and the mosquitoes and would rather eat pasta than bbq outdoors. If you identify with this group of people, we also have alternatives for you. For the people who stay indoors in during summer-time, you can at least enjoy a pair of quality slippers. The elwin merlin slipper made of 100% merino wool will make your indoor summer soft and relaxing.  

Have you decided what kind of outdoor activity you are going to take part in this summer? Whatever you do, do it well equipped. With elwin shoes, you will have the necessary comfort and the right technology to make your experiences even more fun.  


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