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World Environment Day 2022: Only One Earth

5th of June is dedicated to mother earth! We should be grateful and celebrate this day by trying to bring some positive changes to the environment. These last years have been a rollercoaster of emotions for all of us, but we should be continue with our duty to take care of the world we live in.  

Small changes do make a difference! You can celebrate this day properly by joining some voluntary environmental projects with your friends. To start with, an idea worth considering is to plan a community cleanup, whether in your neighborhood or in any surroundings you prefer. You can transform it into a fun activity by joining the trash tag challenge.  

Let’s chat a bit about this challenge and its popularity among people: trash tag is an internet challenge and a hashtag campaign where people clean up a heavily littered area, posting pictures before and after the process with the #trashtag hashtag. Steven Reinhold is one of the original creators of this concept, and ever since, millions of people have taken action and started to take care of their community. 

Another cool option that elwin suggests would be to plant trees:  Did you know that a single tree has the power to cut air-conditioning needs by up to 50 per cent?  Well, now that you’ve found out, maybe you’ll start to think differently about how you can help mother nature and yourself as well. The best time is now, with elwin shoes, your new pair of sneakers means one new tree in a forest. Support reforestation!  

 If you’re still wondering about how you can ensure the environmental safeness, we recommend choosing  public transport or a much more entertaining option, riding a bike, to lessen the carbon emissions significantly. Additionally, if you think about it from another perspective, it keeps you fit and healthy and it enables you to explore your city more. 

For our reading lovers, we recommend recycling your old books. If you have books in good condition that you no longer use or need, you can donate them to your local library or to a local charity; you’ll definitely make other people like you happy. In case you have some books that are not in such great shape you can use them as decorations for your room; you’ll add a vintage touch to it. Or you can use them as envelopes or gift tags. How cool is that? 

Let’s not forget about another important step: recycling plastic yourself. It is well-known that plastic has a negative impact on climate change due to its spreading toxins which damage the oceans. Tons of animals die from eating plastic, including birds, fish or any other marine organisms. For this reason, we should find alternatives and solutions in order to reduce the plastic consumption such as replacing plastic bags with reusable ones, or using metal straws instead of plastic ones. 

If you don’t feel like spending this day outside, don’t worry! You can choose to celebrate it virtually with elwin slippers by joining the organized global events including film screenings, lectures, and live chats from green-minded leaders.  

The list goes on and we should now reveal our most important suggestion: the choice of wearing eco-friendly shoes. Many of you may wonder what bio shoes are and why it is claimed that they help the environment. Well, they are made of recycled waste and involve an eco-friendly manufacturing-process by trying to use lesser water and avoiding any harmful chemicals. It is very important, however, to answer some important questions before buying a bio and eco-friendly shoe: 

-are they made of environmentally friendly raw materials? It was estimated that one cow skin makes nearly 18 pairs of shoes. This is why we recommend choosing elwin shoes made with organic merino wool, as there is no animal harmed during the their manufacturing process of. You will definitely look and feel much cooler with a unique pair of shoes without feeling the guilt of hurting animals anymore.  

-are they durable enough? You must take into consideration their long lasting quality. If you buy a durable pair of eco-friendly shoes, you won’t have to worry about replacing them frequently, which is perfect for the environment: no more waste and toxic materials will be involved. This alternative would also be great if you want to spend less money on shoes and start saving for something else. 

All in all, this year’s environmental day motto should be “less stressing, more cleansing”. Now that COVID-19 period is almost over and we finally got our normal lives back, we should focus on how to make the most of any moment given on this Earth. Remember, even a small step can bring a huge change in this world. Choose to be a part of it! 

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