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100% Merino Wool Plant trees with elwin shoes Help plant 400 trees!

Why choose Merino wool shoes? Here are some highlights for elwin’s new shoe collection.

Merino wool has become a trend due to its incredible properties and unexpected technologies. Our main character, elwin the sheep, has become a rockstar lately because the wool produced is high-quality and able to handle extraordinary weather conditions. In this blog post we are going to tell you some of the most surprising details of this unique material. Stay until the end to learn more!

What are the benefits of having merino wool sneakers?

The most surprising benefit is the ability to self-regulate against different temperatures. This means that when temperatures are high it keeps you cool and vice versa. Its fibers have air chambers, which generate an insulating and temperature regulating effect, retaining the air in these chambers so that the sensation of warmth is produced when it is cold. On the other hand, merino wool shoes repel humidity, and during hot weather, they evaporate the water and keep you cool in summer.

Another important characteristic that merino wool has, is that it repels bad odors. Its flaky fiber structure makes it difficult for odor-causing bacteria to become embedded in the fabrics, thus creating a kind of blockade for them. How cool is that? With elwin merino sneakers you won't be staining your shoes with talcum powder anymore.

Merino wool shoes are made from naturally renewable materials. A sheep like elwin grows a lot of wool and it all re-grows naturally, which is why it's a renewable resource that is also bio-degradable and thus, environmentally friendly.

Those who were afraid that their merino wool sneakers would itch like the sweaters knitted by their grannies, don't worry, you are safe. Unlike traditional wool, merino wool does not itch because its fibers are very fine, flexible and when they are in contact with skin, they adapt and bend easily.

If you thought that was incredible, let me tell you other details that will surprise you! Merino wool does not produce static as other wools, does not wrinkle, is waterproof, and is bio-degradable. All these unique properties transform our elwin sneakers into very durable and four seasons shoes.

We are aware that sustainable habits start from small to big, raising awareness and unlearning habits that came with the arrival of modernity and technology. Today it is time to go back to nature and trust in what the earth provides us. elwin shoes invites you to be part of the small changes, to make clever choices and to consider natural shoe options.

It is difficult to be perfect and 100% environmentally friendly overnight, but if we get together and we each do our small part, we will make a substantial change. Working as a team will take us far!

We invite you to keep reading our blog posts, here we will provide exciting information about elwin shoes features, news, tips and recommendations to follow a healthy lifestyle, more natural and friendly with the planet.

We hope to see you again soon!

Greetings, elwin the sheep.

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