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Reduce, re-use, recycle - 11 ideas for taking better care of the planet.

We face climate change daily. We see it in popular documentaries on Netflix, among others, and we get constant news about how fast the earth is using its natural resource, and what do we do with all this information? We tend to feel overwhelmed with all the content we consume, and it can become difficult to make decisions about it.


In this article, we give you 11 ideas to incorporate into your daily routine to start a more eco-conscious life. You do not have to lose your calm, we are here to help! Step by step we can improve and learn. Keep reading and find out all the details!


Reduce your plastic consumption:


The plastic bottle:


There are many ways to reduce plastic consumption. First, and you’ve heard of this for sure, is to have a reusable water bottle and refill it before going anywhere, so you don't buy a bottle when going out that will finish its cycle in less than thirty minutes.

Your new best friend: the foldable bag


A second option to reduce plastic is to carry a foldable shopping bag, those bags that become very small, so you avoid buying plastic ones.


The reusable bag, the best co-pilot:


How many times have you gone to the supermarket and forgotten your reusable shopping bags? We recommend you always leave two or three in the trunk to avoid buying more reusable bags that use a lot of space at home, right?


Choose naked products:


Consume unwrapped products. There are plastic-free shampoo and conditioner bars and stores that sell their products by weight. Also, many supermarkets sell reusable bags to weigh fruits and vegetables. If you buy a banana, there is no need to weigh it in a bag, just add the sticker to its natural packaging, the peel!


Give everything a second chance (except your ex).


Give a second life to your belongings:


Back in time, we used to throw away everything we didn't like anymore, but now we must find a second cycle. Sell old electronics on Facebook groups, your clothes in second-hand stores, or simply donate them to charity.


Let's get to work:


When you see that a clothing item has a hole in it or you find it's getting too big, don't go directly to buy another one. If you see that it is something repairable, look for a youtube tutorial or call your grandmother who surely knows how to help you and repair it!


Test your creativity:


Reuse those glass containers where tomato sauces, pickles, or others come in, as a decoration. You can remove the labels and use them as candle holders, or eco-friendly birthday decorations, or fill them with your favorite nuts.


Add more greenery to your life: let's recycle!


Using cans as pots for herbs or kitchen plants is a very good option to add decoration to your home and save you a little money every time you cook something. You can use them to store basil, mint, parsley, and much more.


Ways to take care and save water:


Saving tap water:


While brushing your teeth or washing dishes, turn off the water tap when you are not using it. We can waste up to six liters of water per wash if we don't take care of the little details.


Put the water back in its place:


If you refilled your bottle and didn't drink it all, don't throw it away. Put it back in the fridge and wait until it is fresh again and keep consuming until you finish your bottle.


The trash in the trash can:


Use the toilet only for your needs. Many times tissues, cotton balls, hair, and other things are flushed down the toilet. Instead, keep a small trash can in the bathroom and avoid excessive water loss.

Choose inspiring and innovating brands: 


We all have our favorite brands for clothing and footwear, but do we know what impact these brands have on the environment? Knowledge is power, and knowing how brands are produced, will make it easy to pick friendly brands. On this front, elwin has you covered. elwin shoes use naturally regrowing materials: we care about our planet and believe in a new fashion, that is why we choose 100% organic merino wool as the main material for our shoes.


By adding these small habits to your routine, you can gradually lead a more environmentally friendly life. It can be difficult at times, so we recommend you go little by little and transform them into a habit. You can do it, together we can!


Greetings, elwin the sheep.

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Mariana Buonaiuto

Completely loved this article! I will take some in consideration as new habits.

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