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Main reasons to get elwin Merino slippers

We know that many people wear only socks at home, or simply prefer to go barefoot. In this blog post, we present the collection of slippers recommended by elwin the sheep and his mates, so you can walk more comfortably in a friendly way to your feet and the planet. It's time to leave environmentally friendly footprints! 

 Is there anything better than coming from work, taking off your office clothes, putting on something comfortable, relaxing your feet and your mind? Elwin Merino slippers will allow you to do all that and will make you feel stylish at home. Besides, wearing slippers has multiple benefits, and elwin wants to tell you what they are. Find out the reasons why buying slippers is always a good idea. Have fun choosing your next pair of elwin's wool house shoes. 

The reasons you can't miss Merino wool heaven: 


  1. For those who deal with stress daily, the ideal model is the Merlin slipper with the open heel. They will allow your feet to deflate and rest better from all they have done during the day. It is very important to relax our body before going to bed so we can fall asleep faster. A relaxed body, a relaxed mind, and sweet dreams!  


  1. With the arrival of winter, we all turn on the heater,right? However, there are some people (including me) who feel the cold more intensely, so slippers like the Merlin with the heel covered are ideal to stay extra warm, and thus also avoiding the risk of getting a cold. I sound like your mother, I know, but it's always better to be safe than catching a cold!  


  1. Long-life to socks! How often do you buy socks? If they wear out quickly, lose color or just start to show little holes, it'sa sign you need to get some sustainable wool slippers. You won't have to replace socks as often and you'll protect your feet when walking around the house.   


  1. The holidays, work parties, anniversaries and more are coming up, wool slippers will be your go-to gift.Usually, when Christmas comes or special dates are approaching, we give presents to people close to us, but maybe we don't know them so well, right? Your uncle's wife, your distant cousin, etc. That's why slippers like the Merlin fully covered ones are always an ideal option. You will avoid an awkward moment when gift-giving. Because who doesn't love slippers as a Christmas present? Extra tip, add some chocolates to make the gift more special. 


  1. Slippers inside and shoes outside. You will no longer go crazy cleaning the floor every time someone enters your house. The best thing to do is have a pair of slippers next to the front door, so you can change your shoes when you enter the house. Say goodbye to mud, bacteria, and dirt (particularly during winter) because they will stay outside. Now only you and your clean slippers can enjoy being in a cozy home. Keep an extra pair or two for your guests! 


  1. Finally, and one of the most important reasons toget a new pair of Merino elwin slippers is that with any style you choose you will be supporting a project that cares about bringing friendly solutions to the planet. We are a brand that does the sheep shearing process completely mulesing-free. 

I think you know it by now, it is time to try the best wool slippers! We hope you can find the best pair with us. See you soon.  


Greetings, elwin the sheep. 

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